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Technical Information

Pilkington Activ

Pilkington ActivRange

Self-cleaning and solar control glass for conservatories                                                                                

Reduce heat loss by 45% 


1. Daylight triggers the special coating which loosens the dirt particals.

 2. The rain then washes the dirt away leaving streak free clear glass.

Do not attempt to clean the glass manually with any sponges or cloths as this may invalidate your guarantee. The coating is very easily scratched.


 Pilkington ActivBlue with Pilkington KGlass, Benefits of thermal insulation.        

Thermal insulation.


 When it comes to conservatories, we think you should be able to enjoy yours comfortably, all year round. That’s why we suggest choosing an insulating glass unit that combines Pilkington ActivBlue or Pilkington ActivNeutral with a low E glass such as Pilkington K Glass. That way, dual solar control and thermal insulation can help your conservatory maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

  Pilkington K Glass, which usually forms the inner pane of a double-glazing unit, has a special low emissivity coating to help reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your windows. This is particularly important for conservatories in winter, when it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. The special energy-saving coating on Pilkington K Glasslets the sun’s rays through, but reflects heat from fires and radiators back into your home, saving energy and reducing your heating bills.

 Pilkington Activis the world’s first self-cleaning glass. It’s basically the same as conventional glass, except for a unique dual action coating. It works in two ways: first it uses daylight to break down organic dirt (such as bird droppings) and then it uses rain to wash the dirt away. Pilkington Activalso dries off faster leaving the glass clean and with reduced streaks, which gives you beautifully clear views and makes it ideal for all the windows in the conservatory.

 Pilkington Activ Blue and Pilkington ActivNeutral combine the benefits of self-cleaning with solar control performance, making them the perfect choicefor hard to reach places that are difficult to clean, which also require solar control suchas conservatory roofs.





Conservatories – bringing the outside in.

A conservatory is more than just an extension to your house. It can be somewhere to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the garden no matter what the weather is doing, a place to entertain or much needed extra space for the children to play. But whatever your reason for adding a conservatory to your home, it is a significant investment, and choosing the right glass will only add to its value.



Glass provides a better view than plastic  polycarbonate), which can also become very dirty, very  quickly.

Due to its reduced maintenance requirements, self-cleaning glass is safer for hard to reach places such as conservatory roofs.

 A glass roof is much quieter than polycarbonate in rain and hail.



 Pilkington ActivClear – a clear self-cleaning glass.


 Pilkington ActivBlue – an attractive blue tinted glass that combines self-cleaning with solar control.


 Pilkington ActivNeutral – a neutral coloured glass that combines self-cleaning with solar control. It’s coating has a slightly darker appearance, which helps reduce the xtransmission of light and heat from the sun.