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If your window or door locks are stiff to use i.e. you have to lift the door handle up & keep it lifted just so the key will turn then it sounds like the door has dropped. This is very common and is down to the installer, try operating the lock while the door is in the open position, if the lock works smoothly & you don't need to keep the handle lifted then phone the installer/ window company and ask them to adjust it. You must lubricate all the moving parts on locks & hinges at least twice per year.  Nearly ALL window companies & Installers will guarantee the LOCK, HANDLES & HINGES for 12 MONTHS ONLY.

 We can service your doors/windows starting from £30.00. If you leave it too long, the lock could break leaving you locked out. A replacement door lock would cost you between £150.00 and £200,00.                                                                                           

  Hoppe  Gu  Saracen  Mila  Yale  Lockmaster  Securistyle  Maco  Fuhr



If your broken Lock, Handle, L/Box or anything else looks like one of the above, it will help us to give you an accurate price for your repair and save you a call-out fee. Look for any names or numbers along the lock or on the frame keeps.