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About your Installation

Browse through the photo gallery & see start to finsh projects we have undertaken over the years. These are not glossy paid for photos or taken from sales brochures, these photos show you what to expect your house & gardens to look like before, during & after the installation.

 Bradleystoke Windows will give you every available option for your conservatory from style, postioning of doors, roof ventilation, self cleaning glass, dentil mouldings, underfloor heating down to which way the handles point, electrical sockets, ceiling lights and tv arial sockets.

 We have a 100 point check list for you to browse through before you order because you only buy a conservatory once on your property and there is nothing worse than saying ' I wish I'd thought of that but its too late now'.

Bradleystoke Windows complete each stage of the project from start to finish:  1.Planning & Design 2.Deliverys & Schedualing 3. Groundwork/Footings 4. Bricklaying 5. Frame & Roof Installation 6. Plumbing & Electrics 7.Plastering & Flooring 8.Patio area & Steps.

Bradleystoke do NOT use cheap materials, frames & roofs or use cheap plasterers, plumbers, electricians & builders because we guarantee EVERYTHING for 10 Years and we understand    'False Economy'.

Only the Best Materials ( no cheap rubbish )